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About Us

-Mallorie "MalPal"

Mallorie got started into video games with Mario Kart Super Circuit (that's Gameboy Advance for all you pedestrians). After dominating with Yoshi for 15 years in all things Nintendo, she thought she could finally expand into the tabletop world. Her first 40k army was a cautious Tau force that preferred to fight from afar. However, realizing that fighting up close and personal could be much more satisfying she soon added some Harlequins to ally with the "greater good". Wanting to dominate all other Warhammer realms she has since added Nighthaunt and Sylvaneth armies to bring the pain to Sigmar. When not working on her miniatures she enjoys playing lightweight board games, taking impromptu road trips and perilous bike rides into the sunset.

-Mark "MarkMasta"

Mark's first experiences with gaming were playing Star Wars Monopoly with his family and Wacky Wheels with his friends (it's an old Mario Kart ripoff for the PC, check it out). He didn't own a system until the Nintendo 64 where he almost exclusively played Super Smash Bros. After a childhood spent playing Command & Conquer and building WWII aircraft models, when Mark was finally introduced to tabletop gaming it was a match made in heaven. Starting with a Grey Knight army and eventually owning a little of every 40k army under the sun, Mark claims he can identify any random bit in at least 2.563 seconds flat. When he is not excessively magnetizing or neglecting his painting projects he enjoys reading historical novels, eating cereal, and watching Jeopardy reruns. 

-Nolan "Nols"

Nolan got started into tabletop gaming after borrowing a friends 40k codex where he quickly became enchanted with the lore. Finding the grimdark of Warhammer similar to his favorite critically acclaimed film, "Mazes and Monsters" Nolan found it easy to expand into other games such as D&D, Silent Hill, and Dark Heresy. An expert at being able to explain the most complicated of games in the simplest of terms he has been able to convert a horde of spectators into an army of gamers. When Nolan is not watching cult classics he enjoys writing short stories, kit-bashing his armies, and working on his music.