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New Start Collecting Sets & Commissar Coming Soon!

"Two new Start Collecting sets will be landing very soon. Both of these sets are a cracking way to start or expand an existing collection and focus on two incredibly popular armies released last year – the Maggotkin of Nurgle and the Idoneth Deepkin. Each set contains a Leader for your army, some infantry to fill out your Battleline slots, and some cavalry, giving you a balanced selection of units for your collection."

"For Warhammer 40,000 fans, we’re very excited to announce this year’s Black Library Celebration miniature. Commissar Severina Raine."

"Inside the Forbidden Chambers Board Pack, you’ll find a double-sided gaming board with some unusual features. The first side allows you to set up three fighters adjacent to one another and is ideal for defensive setups and small warbands like Steelheart's Champions. Meanwhile, the second side contains a group of three lethal hexes, making for a deadly deterrent to any enemies who’d risk coming into your terrain."

*courtesy of Warhammer Community

- I will definitely pick up the Idoneth Deepkin Start Collecting set. I've been wanting to get that Soulrender for a while now.

Have a good one! 


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