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New Genestealer Cult Vehicle! The Achilles Ridgerunner

Achilles Ridgerunners are traditionally employed by mining guilds and geological surveyors as exploration vehicles. Their pilots range into hazardous frontier environments to scan for promising resource deposits and communicate their location back to base.

Courtesy of Warhammer Community


Although not specifically designed for military use, like so many of the utilitarian machines favoured by the Genestealer Cults, these rugged vehicles have proven remarkably effective as outriders and scout vehicles.

The heavy mining lasers mounted on the Achilles Ridgerunners are typically used to unearth rich seams of valuable minerals and rare metals, but these powerful beams can just as easily be utilised to sear through the armoured hulls of vehicles or other high-value targets of choice. As is their practice, the warriors of the Genestealer Cults have learned to supplement this fearsome weapon with additional firepower in the form of heavy stubbers.

Outriders of the Insurrection

On the battlefield, Achilles Ridgerunners act as excellent vanguard strike vehicles, able to put the enemy on the back foot right from the start with their Scout Vehicle ability:

The vehicle is armed with a pair of heavy stubbers, but its primary armament of heavy mining laser can be switched out for a missile launcher or even a heavy mortar.


-"Look obviously a non-mutant with pretty eyes!"

-As a Genestealer Cult player I am pretty excited about this vehicle. Honestly I am surprised at the amount of Genestealer Cult updates these past few months since Tooth and Claw came out. They will definitely be a sizable force when the codex is released. Here's hoping they release more models for Harlequins, Thousand Sons and Grey Knights! Heck even AdMech need a transport!


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