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Exclusive Genestealer Cult 8th Ed. Codex Comparison + Point Value Changes!!!

Hey everyone! I am going to do a quick Genestealer Cult review comparing the Index rules / points with the new Codex rules / points. (I won't cover any units that are not in the index, or do not have any rule changes)

First up, Aberrants. Here are their values in the Codex!

While their stat-line is the same, Bestial Vigour now ignores wounds on a 5+! Take that mortal wounds! Also, they have added the Hypermorph weapons and stats.

Next one with some changes is the Magus!

The only stat change is the addition of an added weapon, Cultist Knife! 

Acolyte Hybrids! Power level reduction (now 3 vs 5) and Heavy Rock Drill adds the requirement that the model *has not been destroyed*.

Now for the Iconward!

Has added Bestial Devotion. (Re-roll Bestial Vigour rolls of 1 for friendly Aberrants within 6") A nice added bonus for Aberrants, making them that much harder to kill.

Hybrid Metamorphs are now only Power 3 (vs Power 6 in the Index)

Metamorph Claw is also AP -1 and the Metamorph Talon adds 1 to hit rolls!

Primus time.

Meticulous Planner now allows re-roll wound rolls of 1 for friendly units within 6"

The Goliath Rockgrinder is now Strength 6 (vs 5) and has Cult Ambush! The Scout Sentinels also gained Cult Ambush!

Ok here are the Wargear Profiles from the Index.


And here are the NEW wargear profiles from the Codex!

 Last but not least, point value comparisons! First up, the Index.

  And here are the Codex points!

 Here is a list of all the unit point value changes

Aberrants - 16 points (vs 17)

Acolyte Hybrids - 7 points (vs 11)

Cult Armoured Sentinels - 30 points (vs 40)

Chimera - 60 (vs 70)

Leman Russ - 122 (vs 132)

Scout Sentinel - 30 (vs 35)

Goliath Rockgrinder - 78 (vs 94)

Goliath Truck - 50 (vs 66)

Hybrid Metamorphs - 9 (vs 13)

Magus - 80 (vs 73)

Patriarch - 125 (vs 150)

Purestrain Genestealers - 15 (vs 18)

Overall, a sizeable point reduction for almost all Genestealer Cult units! (Except you Magus!)

When I get a bit more time I will go over the point changes with the weapons too.

As always, reply if you have any questions or comments! Thanks!



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