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What's with the different backgrounds for our Marketplace items?

Fun Fact! As I am sure many of you have already realized, many of our items for sale were taken with different backgrounds. Our first items photographed had a nice plush blue(ish) blanket for the items to rest on. Perfect for taking long winter naps, but sadly not perfect for taking photos from any angle other than a bird's eye view.

For our second group of items photographed we thought we would use a martian earth game mat. What could go wrong with have a bright red background to ruin the color balance of our photos? If you search carefully in the Marketplace you may still find the rare pictures in their natural (horrendous) habitat.

Next we thought, "Why not simply have beautiful natural wood grain to showcase the items?" In addition to having massive glares in each photo looking like a supernova to hide them, they sadly also suffer from bird's eye view syndrome.

While we have resisted strongly for years to having the "boring" look of a typical store photo, we have finally given in for the sake of ease and consitency. So we found some fabric, a lamp, and created our very own photo booth! We even created a watermark to be even more cool!

Granted, the gray background isn't perfect (we are still hunting for you Mr. AmazingBackdrop!) and the lighting can still be uneven, but going forward it is what the majority of our marketplace items will be taken with.

If you have any questions, comments, or tips please let us know! Thanks!

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