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Model Design Rant - Craftworld Eldar Spiritseer

Preface - I recently started a small Eldar Wraith force simply because I loved the models. (Check out my showcase of them magnetized in the video.) *I recently bought a Wraithknight to round out the force*

Anyway, I held off on buying the Spiritseer at the time simply because I refuse to have non-plastic models. (Heresy, I know.) So when they came out with the Wake the Dead box set that included the new plastic Spiritseer I was thrilled. That is until I saw the actual model which sadly reduced my elation.


I know it is not a huuuge deal, but from a game, lore, and modeling perspective I am perplexed as to why they added the weapon. Especially when everything else about the new model is near perfect!

1st - In the game, the Spiritseer is ONLY equipped with a witch staff and shuriken pistol. (I would have been more ok if it was holding the pistol, but I still think it misses the overall feel. *See items two and three

2nd - In the lore their main purpose is to "shepherd wraithbone constructs to battle" or "use their psychic abilities to aid the Asuryani warhost". Unless carrying a sword is needed to whip the constructs into battle it really is pointless. Plus, if they were to ever get into melee they have the massive witch staff that they could use to crack some skulls.

3rd - With the original Spiritseer already a fantastic model all they needed to do was update a few of the details or perhaps add some special effects. (Such as having the spirit stone levitating above their hand)

 Last minor complaint - Due to the staff now being held in the left hand, it will make kitbashing it with arms from either the Farseer, or Eldrad not as easy.

In Closing - It looks like I will just have to find some creative way to change the Spiritseer's weapon, or I will just give in and build it as designed. (After more complaining of course :) 

Thank you for reading this long-winded rant and feel free to comment below your thoughts about the new Spiritseer.

*Plus if there is any particular model or unit you want us to talk about let us know!

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