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How to remove paint from your Warhammer models!

Hey-o! Just going to do a post on how to cheaply (and safely) remove paint from your miniatures! Years ago, after spending many many hours searching on how to remove paint from models I realized that there is waaay too much conflicting information online. Some people recommend using rubbing alcohol, mineral spirits, or nail polish remover. (DON'T, they will literally melt the plastic.) Others said to use Dot 3 brake fluid or even Oven Cleaner (Seriously, do not use those either. They are toxic and are still prone to problems) One ok option I found was Simple Green. However it's pricey and still wasn't that effective. Then one day while going through our cleaning supplies I noticed LA's Totally Awesome (Yes I know it sounds like a hair care product) and thought I would give it a try. 


If you are fortunate enough to live near a Dollar Tree (or Dollar General) head over there right now and pick some up. It literally only costs $1, and has worked miracles for me for years. 

Here are the (super easy to follow) steps I used to remove the paint from this Pink Horror

First - Place model(s) in an old plastic container.

Second - Add LA's Totally Awesome. (You can dilute it with as little or as much water as you want. I typically dilute mine with 25% water) It will look like you peed in a cup.

Third - Wait. Typically the longer you wait the better,. (This model was overnight, about 12 hours) I have literally had models sit in the solution for multiple days as an experiment with no negative effect to the plastic. (And yes this stuff also works for Finecast, Metal, D&D minifigs, Pathfinder, KOW, Warmachine, etc...)

Fourth - Fill up your sink (or a bucket) with some warm water.

Fifth - Find an old toothbrush and get to work. (Obviously be careful not to brake your model)

Sixth - If you feel like the paint is not coming off as easily as you would like, toss it back in the solution for a few more hours. (Depending on what paint has been used it will either come off super easily, or sadly take a bit more work) Acrylics (Citadel, Vallejo, Army Painter) are easily removed. Enamels and automotive primers can take a few more tries. 

Seventh - Rinse and enjoy. Most likely you will some some tiny flecks of paint in hard to reach crevasses. Some tricks I have used are toothpicks and pipe-cleaners (those bendable snake craft things) 

Just remember that what is important is that you have removed enough paint to reveal the details. (So remaining tiny flecks of paint can be ok!)



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